1. Street performance on a self-supporting structure- Trailer (no ancer points) with theatrical dance and object manipulation, vertical and aerial acrobatics on huge wheel and turning table often rythmed on a ukulele and a contrabass.

  2. Play area : space 8 m X 8m (a circular space of 8‘m.diameter)
                      Height 8 m

  3. Half circle show ( public 230° around the podium)

  4. Undergrond hard, flat  max 2% inclinaison

  5. set-up area : 8 X 8 m (important : the van must be positioned with the back side face to the trailer                                                  (crane on the van)

  6. Playtime : + - 35 min

  7. Set–up : 180 min (all inclusive)

  8. Tear-down : 180 min

  9. Power : 220 V (16 Amp)

  10. lights will be provide by the organizer

  11. Public : all ages (from 4 years old)

  12. Possibility for two shows/day with 2 hours break between the end of the first and the               second one

  13. We enjoy starting up the show offering our ‘vip-seats (own red carpets)to the first 2 rows publics, we like also to propose them a little of plane/sparkling water (provided bij the organization if possible).

  14. The van is our dressing room and shelter for music instruments; the most nearby emplacement to be left is the most practical. 

  15. NB:  during some festivals it might be necessary to spread volunteers in the front row in case of inopportune behavior by lonely kids.

  16. contact,
    Leroy Régis   0032.477.390.131

  17. contact@compagniedumirador.com

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